MARLEY Sheepdogs move to Canada

The move to Canada from Waddington Lancashire UK. New Canada facilities

The group of dogs chosen travel to Canada. All having reached the standard that I required for an all round work dog with stamina, a good feel for stock, and bid ability.

Marley Hemp I.S.D.S 255021 by Bwlch Hemp I.S.D.S 201604 out of an Irish breed female by Norman Deacon Bran I.S.D.S 226984, Kerry I.S.D.S 248564

Marley Hemp is now working on a 180 head of moma cows in P.A.

My dad and myself the last walk before the dogs were crated up and flown out to Canada.

Marley Hemp with my dad. Marley Jill with me, daughter of Trim by David Bradys international dog Craig I.S.D.S 201416

The last of the pups waiting to go to Wales , and Scotland out of Trim to Derek Scrimgeours renowned Ben I.S.D.S., 220939

Trim due to her age was found an excellent work home in the south of England, and the owner and I still keep in touch , she is still the main farm, dog working on the suckler cows, sheep and pigs.

I still have her line in a great great granddaughter, named of course, Marley Trim, at 5 months is showing well and keen for work, she is by Marley Taff, a son of Shirley Cropper's, international runner Beeachwood Bob I.S.D.S 262048, out of Kerry I.S.D.S 248564 I am looking forward to training her, pictures to follow.

Marley Hill Farm in Canada

The Dog kennels where imported from the U.K

My facilities are in an area inside the barn and inspected once a year, and pass with excellence.

There is a heat lamp, heated water, for winter, and a fan for summer and a radio is left on 24 hours a day. All dog are out minimum of twice per day, (they usually follow me around while doing chores ) or go on trials to the bush at the back of our 100 acer farm and in summer they only go inside to sleep at night.

Marley Jill (left) and Marley Vale. All my dog have lived inside the house at some stage and have been house trained.